Are You Worth the Risk?

July 1, 2011 | 0

Risks are inherent in life. Even staying in bed all day, locked in our homes has its risks. To be alive requires some degree of risk, but do you consider yourself worth the risk by taking courageous steps toward your dreams? Or do you prefer to play it safe? If you play it safe, you are removing opportunities for a greater learning and are holding the success that you truly desire at bay. Without taking risks, you are simply cutting out opportunities to have the abundance that is rightfully yours. (And that is just waiting for you to claim it!)

By definition, you cannot have a problem without a solution. Problem – solution; this is the classic optimism (glass half-full) vs. pessimism (glass half-empty) question. One is simply on the negative side of the coin, while the other is on the positive side of the coin. Both are equally true. Regardless of how you see yourself be it as an optimist or as a pessimist, most people get stuck in the problem—often letting the problem win and never finding the opportunity that is just waiting to be leveraged. But the trick is that to find the opportunity you must take some risks.

So risk takers acknowledge the problem but spend their energy directed toward finding the opportunity inherent in the problem by being courageous and walking through the very thing that frightens them. This is true faith…to know that the courage that you are demonstrating in the face of your fear will unveil the very opportunity that you are looking for to give you what you truly want … or something better!

Ironically, we think that playing it safe is risk-free but it is not. It is an illusion because by not taking the risk for growth we stay stuck in a problem that keeps us small. This means that instead of playing it safe that you are actually playing small. And, only playing big by taking risks in the face of a problem can bring you the career, health, relationships, and money that you want!

I recently visited Cedar Point, an amusement point on Lake Erie, Ohio. There is a very scary roller coaster that I rode with my niece Julianna. The day before arriving at the park, Julianna asked me about riding this coaster, the Top Thrill dragster, that goes from 0 ti 120 MPH in 4 seconds… yikes! And, that’s not the scary part. This coaster goes vertical 90 degrees, 432 feet into the air, summits and then 90 degrees down the other side. Needless to say, it is fear itself!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about the ride until the very morning we arrived at the park. Once there I simply made the decision to do it… to not let fear win. With my work as a success mentor, it has become my one of my greatest values to take risks, which means to acknowledge fear and enjoy the ride. Yes, well, literally in this case! And you know it worked just like that. The speed ended up being the scariest part with the 90 degree vertical rise and drop having some twists and turns that made it an exhilarating ride! On the incline there is a sudden twist to the right that brings you face-up to the sky and then after a slow ascent to the top, the dramatic drop down the other side was straight down with the feeling that you are flying as there are no shoulder harnesses. Conquering the fear of this terrifying roller coaster taught me the truth in the lesson of risk-taking. There’ll be some ups and downs but in the end it is about the ride. And the exhilaration can only be had by taking the ride in the first place. That’s what risk-takers do!

My mentor Mary Morrissey says “the universe is seeking a freer, fuller expression through you”. Life is expanding through you when you step up to the plate and take the risk that is yours to take for a higher version of you consistent with Universal law that governs the pathway of success. When you know yourself and fully express your truth while seeking the opportunity in the face of the problem, unexpected twists and turns will emerge and you will get more of the good that you are seeking in your life for a truly exhilarating experience. But this is only if you make a commitment and go for it. Otherwise, you will remain safe and not experience the heights of success.

So the question really is: are you worth the risk? The time is now to take the risks that will bring you the career and life of your dreams… One of the most important risks you can take is to learn how to shift out of the habits that are keeping you stuck by enrolling in a course of study that will help you understand what you want, why you want it, and what steps to take to make your dreams come true. If you are ready to go for your dreams, contact me for more information about my programs and the handful of one-on-one coaching programs that are available by e-mailing me at

I believe in you and know that YOU are worth it! So step up and take the risk today!

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